I was lost... empty... and had no reason to smile.
I was hurt... overseen... had felt like that for a while.
I came across you... instantly you brightened up my days.
You healed my scars like you knew exactly what to say.
From short texts, to long conversations, to day after day
I was letting you in never thinking that youd actually stay.
I told you my strengths and confided my weaknesses
Shared my dreams, my fears, and even my secrets.
You listened eagerly taking it all in
Not realizing that to me you had become more than a friend.
You see a diamond where many have seen a broken rock.
You know when im stuggling and are always there to talk.
You mean more to me than youll ever trully know...
I see things in you that no one ever showed...
So if you ever wonder, ask, or even doubt
If i love you or even care....
Just remember in my heart you'll always be there.

"I dont just love you for who you are i also love you for who you turned me into"
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