conversatiion wiith a friiend
Hiim: "always remember just like you cry for him, just like you feel like you need him, just like he seems to be your everything, ask yourself if hes doing the same for you, because tthere is people in this life angie that will cry and need you theres people in this life that are smart enough to know your worth more than words can ever say."

me: hola, porque me diices eso?

him:porque te quiero mucho nena, y porque la vida sigue

me: i know that...

hiim: doesnt seem like iit

me: well things arent always what they seem

hiim:te conosco angiie ii know this hurts but iits a part of liife we get hurt sometiimes but liife goes on.

me: im ok trust mee

hiim: just remember love doesnt walk away people do

me: yeah, iits kiinda wat ii diid

hiim:iif u werent ready to let go then you shouldnt have

me: ii had no other choiice, sometiimes we have no option and liife forces us to do thiings we wiished we diidnt have to do..

hiim: iif he was dumb enough to let you go dont be dumb and hold on

me: stop please :[ ii dnt and cant hear thiis riight now

hiim: you have to hear thiis angiie enough iis enough babe.

me: ii just dont care anymore

hiim:promise ur self to be strong, look at the sunny side of everythiing and make yor optimism come true.  think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best because you deserve iit.  forget the mistakes of the past, amd press on to the greater achievements of the future.  give so much time to the improvement of yourself, that you have no time left to criticise or think of others. live in the faith that the whole world is on ur side. remember someone who lets you walk away simply doesnt care. love blinds us but iif ur smart enough angiie u'll see the liight! i love you and trust me so many other people love you. and we may not be him u may not love us like u love him but we r still here. that proves my point, goodnight beautiiful and do not give up!

its not easy :[ doesnt anyone understand dat... but hes sooooo riight.. diosito give me strength please

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