Truth is Beautiful

I have learned a lot lately. Some of the things I have learned have been because I myself have experienced them, others because I have observed people closely and learned from them. Sometimes we get hurt, others we are the ones doing the damage. Until you are the one getting damaged you realize how much it hurts, how much you try and try to feel better yet nothing seems to make you smile. I truly believe pain cant be forced to go away, memories cant just be forgotten from one day to another, you cant stop caring or loving someone just because you choose to. Life doesn’t work that way, if it did we wouldn’t grow as a person, we wouldn’t know how to value anything, if nothing ever hurt we wouldn’t have anything making us stronger. Some say life is unfair, I agree. All you can do is keep pushing forward and keep living. You were put here for a purpose, as so was I. Needless to say we all have different purposes in life, different aspirations, dreams, goals, lifes, attitudes, strengths, weaknesses. Regardless of how different we all are I believe we all have what it takes to make the best out of our lifes. If it was up to me I wish everyone was real, I wish liars didn’t lie, cheaters didn’t cheat, killers didn’t kill, and I ask myself how or what made them that way?

I believe I am an unperfect person, as a matter of fact I am very much aware of how unperfect I am. Yet to my parents I am this perfect human being, to them nothing seems to be wrong with me, to them and in their eyes they have never seen anything as precious, pure, beautiful, innocent as the person they see in me. To others I probably am the opposite. I probably am concieded, arrogant, self centered, dumb, retarded, weak, ugly, worthless, a bitch, slut, whore etc etc. I simply don’t care though and why? Because those people are meaning less to me. They cant harm me, nor break me, they cant face me there fore they do not exist, some thing that doesn’t exist isn’t real, and something that isn’t real is worthless. As unperfect as I am and can be I also know what makes me unique, what makes me stand out from most girls, what makes me realize how much im worth. Those who really care will discover your true beauty, and im not speaking of beauty of the outside im speaking of the beauty within ourselves. Beauty is only skin deep, the prettiest people can sometimes do the ugliest things. Whats so great about a beautiful outside if its insides are rotten? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

My point is we all make mistakes, we all lie, we all hurt, we all cry, we all suffer we all fight an individual battle each and everyday. Regardless you have to always remember to stay true to yourself, you can lie to the world if you’d like but never lie to yourself. Lying to yourself is suicide. Don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about changing who you are. Those who love you will love you for your qualities and not for your weaknesses. Love means accepting someone for who they are, its appreciating the little things they do for you, its cherishing them and showing them with actions how much they mean to you, love is seeing an unperfect person as the most perfect and precious diamond. Never worry about imitating or being something your not. Do what makes you happy, and be the best you can be at being yourself. Think about it who stands out more, all those striving to be like everyone else , or he/she who with his struggles pushes forward, stays true to demselves and is standing alone, alone but real, unique, and worth a whole lot.


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