Lesson learned.

I learned that no matter how bad i sometimes feel i havr to sit down and remember why im here. And i have to remember no one holds the same qualities i hold. I have to remember that theres alot of things on that list that i love about myself and that for one or all of those reasons i have to push and strive to a brighter future. I have to accept the fact that i am not perfect and remember that no one is. Perfection isnt real. I have to remember to hold on to those who love me and have ben there for me and i have to let them know how much they mean to me and remind them once in a while how thankful i am to have them. Ive learned wth this lesson that theres plenty of reasons why i shud love my self and protect my health. With this i learned angie isnt perfect but in someones eyes she will always be flawless,beatiful and worth so much. For that reason i have come to understand that life is a gift and so is being alive

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