today iit has come to my attentiion dat u have to be 5'9 and 123 lbs to become a model... when ii heard thiis ii liiterally alm0st criied because iin a sense dats dee weight ii wanna be yet agaiin ii know dat iif ii ever reach that weiight ii will look pretty much like a skeleton walking.. ii cannot stand how society today bases ppl on weiight t0 determine weather deyre beauutiful enough t0 be m0dels or not and all depending on the number on a scale.. den they wonder why deres so many giirls out there dying to be thiin.. dying to get accepted and for that reason dey starve demselves to death thinking if theyre thin enough theyre beautiful..... this makes me mad at myself because ii feel liike having this problem makes me as stupiid as those magazines or all those ppl who claim the thinner u are the more beaut5iful u are... but ii dont do this to support iit ii do thiis because iits a problem ii have and ii wud give anything to wake uo and worry about anything else rather than food, weiight, and exercise.. this liife iis horrible, lonely and iits full of secrets and liies... why do we wanna get help when thin is obiously the way to go?

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