june 06, 2008 ii was stronger than ever!

iits weiird how wiith so much madness n nonsense goiin on iin thiis world my liife iis --actually makiin sense!-- how ii finally feel liike for dee fiirst tiime ii've found my place n kn0w why ii was put here to begiin wiith...........{you wiin iin liife n den u loose} some thiink iif you loose your a faiilure.. ii on the other hand thiink otherwiise...iif u never loose u'll never experiience dee joy dat faiilure can sometiimes briing!faiilure makes u change.. n change iis always good as long as u always keep ur morals!

you must always remember that the things you deserve will NEVER be handed to you..you want success?? den you have to fight for it! dont expect everything to fall into your hands life doesnt work that way! yes, theres those that get handed everything on a silver platter..associate with them n you will soon see with your own eyes how ungrateful..selfiish.. n stupiid th0se ppl r! fiight for wat u want n u'll learn that the smallest things in life are what matter most! a smiile.. a helpiin hand.. a warm hug.. a walk iin dee beach with your loved ones. a sincere ii love you.. thats wat really matters... money... lust.. luxury.. put that as a priority n eventually u'll end up ALONE! sure we all need money... n gettn money isnt bad as long as u remember who u r n where u came from.. fight for what you want and u'll learn dee meaning of real success.. u'll appreciate n be grateful for everything that you do and say.

negatiiviity?? you will always have dat around you! liife just comes wiith that. but wiith tiime you will eventually learn how to iignore iit n go around iit.. oh n SHiiTY PEOPLE? yes get ready for them too.. you will meet alot of those iin your liife.. n why do we meet shiity as people?? so that we can see the person we DONT want to become..

there wiiLL be lifes of people who you will touch n do everything for. n iin dee end u'll find out dey never deserved you! and dats fiine just leave dem behind n move on! if you stick around u'll just end up gettin hurt! not only that but iit iisnt faiir for neiither of you..

be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! no matter what liife throws at you.. the happiiest are those who have gone through more shit than most ppl will iin a liifetiime.. ii am one of those people.. name somethiing chances are iive already got my own story bout iit!

some may see mee n say what a diissap0iinment ii am well iim fiine wiith you thiinkiing that! ii dont need anyones approval on how ii chose to live my crazy but beautiiful liife... but lemme ask you iif ii diied tomorrow would u still hate mee for not kissin up to you??? for not living up to your expectaii0ns?? or would u be at my funeral shedding ur hipocrit n false tears!?????reflekt 0n dat!!!

ii am N0T a pure person i dont judge anyone bekause ii have done alot of shit iin my liife as well... iive admitted my mistakes n moved on.. i dont deny ii used to driink everyday.. ii used to smoke weed.. ii used to do both at dee same tiime n bee on cl0ud niine.. ii used to thiink beiing 0n -E- was fkn k00l! ii cheated on those who diidnt deserve iit.. ii liied to get my way.. ii hurt those who loved mee.. ii ended up dissapoiintiin even my own self! yeah.. ii diidnt giive a fukk.. ii diid all dat n more.. n iit got mee no where!!! n now ii am a complete stranger! iim a new mee.. ud be amazed how much ii changed.. ii diidnt change for you... for my friends.. for my famiily.. ii changed for meeeee.... n ii am sooo proud of meeeee....

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