a new vision

Today i have come to realize that Ed is not a condition but a relationship. Its true as sad and hard as it is to say and admit this i have come to understand that i now hold a relationship, and bond with ed (eating disorder). What do you do when your in a bad relationship and you have a boyfriend that harms you and hurts you? you break up with them.  Thats what i need to do , and thats what i will do i will break up with ed and do whatever it takes to never go back to it.  I am so and so hopeful and positive today that i am trully looking forward to my life for the next years to come. I see a bright future for me and i know its not going to be easy i know some days i will be hard to deal with and be around i know some days i woll keep starving myself but i also know im willing to do whatever it takes to put a stop to this. I want to end my relationship with Ed, i dont want my relationship with Ed to end Me!

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