l00k what HE wrote f0r me ladies :..]

I've searched for you Beyond the stars, Throughout the years, And so very far... Somehow I knew That you were out there, But that's the thing... I didn't know where. When I couldn't find you I just kept crying, But I couldn't give up... I had to keep trying. You're out there, I'm thinking. I continued my search For the love I was seeking. From hour to hour, And from place to place, I didn't give up In this heart-rushing race... The days went by, As well as the years... It had brought me nothing But painful tears Then all of a sudden, There you stood... Like a beautiful angel Floating in the woods. Where have you been? All of my life I long for the moment To call you mine. In love's embrace We'll be together. Our love is protected, And will last forever. Fate has lead me to you, The one from above... My search is over, I've finally found you, My one true love

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