thiis iis me n0w!:]

Goodbye to you/

Whom I once loved/
Who brought me happiness/
Who made me one/
Goodbye to you/
who has shattered my heart/
It sat in the palm of your hand/
As it fell apart/
These tears are for me/
Yours have been shed/
As our memories and thoughts/
Exit my head/
My mind was once yours/
Now it just oozes sadness/
Like my head was full of a million sores/
I Loved you.. Once../
No more/
I say goodbye/
It hurts/
But what you did/
Was much worse/
No happy endings/
Or happily ever afters/
As a matter of fact/
None of this matters/
I contemplated Slit wrist/
And ending this/
But logic hit/
And made me think/
I loved you once/
But no longer/
Losing you hurts/
But it will only make me stronger/
Goodbye my love/
Whom I loved/
No longer/
I forget your name...

I SAiiD T0 him
come kiss me/

Come feel me/
Press your lips gently on mine/
Lay with me while the stars shine/
Keep me warm/
While the Wind climbs/
Lets just look into each others eyes/
Promise me your words will never be lies/
Promise me the world/
Promise me our lives/
Hold me closer/
Give me hope/
Realize my dreams/
Don't Ever let go/
Don't ever say no/
Or leave me alone/
And when your next to me/
Pull me close/
And show me extasy/
Make me sweat/
Make me moan/
Take me to a place/
I have never known/
Then bring me back let me know/
That im your everything/
As you are mine/
That without me the sun does not shine/
And the night is everlasting/
That withought each other/
Life is not worth having/
That there is a connection we cannot resist/
That without a doubt/
It is for each other that we even exist.....

he SAiiD T0 ME:
You are my heart/

You are my soul/
You are my universe/
I will hold you close and keep you warm/
Even during the coldest winters/
I will be there from your most imense pain/
To your tiniest splinter/
I will give you hope/
That you give to me/
That we will live so happily/
I'll never leave/
Or sieze to care/
I will be with you/
Even when I'm not there/
Our love is a rose/
That will never wither or die/
Because the sun on it/
Will always shine/
And through the pain/
And through the tears/
And through the anguish i'll be here/
By your side/
Through thick and thin/
We will wether the storm/
And always win/
I will take you to extasy/
And have your body with beads of sweat/
I will show you a Love that you will never forget/
And you'll say my name/Through both pleasure and pain/
And we'll experiance over and over again/
And when we return/
We'll catch our breaths/
And you'll realize our love prevails beyond death/
And I will Kiss you
As I look into your eyes/
Then pull you close/
And whisper goodnight...

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